What We Do  Shining Hands is here to support, guide and encourage families and individuals. We offer a variety of support groups, educational seminars, mentoring and resource materials free of charge to our clients. We strive to work with other agencies to help our clients discover and utilize all resources available to them.


Agape—Mental Illness is a very real and sometimes isolating issue for families. We work to support, educate and encourage families and caregivers of persons with disabilities. We offer educational seminars , help with IEP planning, one on one mentoring, support groups and we help families navigate through the system to get the help they need.



image_worshipArise—Our teen program offers troubled and/or abused teens someone to serve as a mentor; to encourage, support and share the love of Christ; to build their confidence so they learn to walk through life with their heads held high. Additional activities will include open gym basketball nights, lock-in events, worship events & bible studies.



Edited Image 2014-3-23-13-21-42Caring for Kidz – 62% of America’s teachers regularly see kids who come to school hungry because they aren’t getting enough to eat at home.  We’re here to bridge that gap.  Our program provides weekend meal supplements to needy children each Friday throughout the school year.  Each weekend children receive a package containing enough food for 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners and 2 snacks.  All of the items enclosed can easily be opened and prepared by children of any age.

Comfort Keepers—In times of crisis whether due to loss of a job, illness, natural disaster or other issues, families often do not know where to look for help. We strive to help these families by offering temporary assistance, mentoring, career assistance and guiding them to the appropriate agencies who can offer additional assistance.




thCAHVZFT9God’s Girls— Guiding young women ages 12-21 through Bible Study, mentoring and outreach opportunities. We provide a positive role model for young women and help them to foster a sense of confidence, self-worth and their place in the world.





mom-hands-and-baby-feetHands—We believe that all babies are a blessing and our volunteers are dedicated to helping you on your journey to motherhood . Pregnancy can be a wonderful and scary time for new mothers regardless of age. We can help you connect with agencies who can provide assistance, we offer help with basic needs, one on one mentoring, support groups for young women during and post pregnancy to allow women to share their joys, fears, success stories and to connect with other women.



Edited Image 2014-3-23-13-28-48Shine—We want to see an end to domestic violence. We work to support and empower victims of domestic violence through one on one mentoring, support groups and by working with other agencies. Together we can SHINE a light of hope into a dark world.